Summer Fun While Taking Care in the Sun

Woohoo…we made it through the rain!

Now that the sun is shining again it’s important to wear sunscreen. As nice as it is to see and feel the sun, it can cause hyperpigmentation (sun spots), and weaken collagen and elastin (connective tissues), which can make your skin looser and less likely to hold water. Extreme sun exposure can also result in skin cancer. But all this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the great outdoors this summer.

Choose a sunscreen product with the SPF level that is best suited to your skin, and always re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. Wearing a large brim hat is not only in vogue, it can provide much needed coverage for your face, neck and shoulders. Loose, lightweight and light-coloured clothing is best during the hot, sunny days ahead; they allow your skin to breathe and help reflect the sun’s rays.

If you need help preparing your skin for the sun, give us a call.

From The staff at La Peau D’or, your personal day spa oasis in the city!