5 Summer Skin Care Essentials

La Peau D’or Senior Esthetician, Ann Marie, shares five summer skin care essentials with RateMDs.com blogger, Victoria Simpson:

1) Wear Sunscreen… And Apply Much More Than You Think You Need

 “People don’t take the sun seriously. They say “I forgot” or they put sunscreen on once in the morning and say that’s good. But it’s not enough,” says Ann Marie. “You need to apply it regularly throughout the day- it has to be applied consistently, depending on the level of protection you’re using. Different skin has different needs. I meet people who are tanned in color and they often eel they don’t need to protect themselves, it’s so wrong. They will experience just the same result as a fair-skinned person if they don’t protect themselves in the sun.”  Sounds like prime time to slather on the goods!



2) Have a Cleansing Regime, and Stick To It

Using sunscreen, while necessary, combined with hot days outside that make us sweat can cause all sorts of gunk to stick to our skin. “It doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Ann Marie, “but taking the time to clean your skin can do wonders. Do a skin care cleanse daily.”





3) Exfoliate: Get Rid of Those Dead Skin Cells

Do you have those callouses on the sides of your heals from walking around in sandals too much? I do. We all know there are a ton of dead cells hanging out on our bodies. Sunscreen, chlorine in pools, the sun, the wind, dry air conditioning- there are a lot of stressors out there right now for our skin.

Ann Marie advises breaking the bond with that extra layer and exfoliating. Take away those dead cells, and promote some skin regeneration.

4) Hydrate: Get Water into That Dry Skin

If you’re prone to dry skin and sun damage- and you also have some funds for a trip to the spa, do it. Ann Marie recommends getting an anti-oxidant treatment that stimulates collagen, moisturizes and mineralizes while assisting with microcirculation. Treatments can be ideal for those returning from, or heading into a vacation.


5) Do Something, Even Just a Little Bit: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Too busy to worry about your skin? Try something– even just a daily cleanse, Ann Marie recommends. “In general, people need to develop a skin care regime,” she says. “Prevention is better than cure. Sometimes other things take precedence, but my advice to people is: try. Try to do a little, do what you can, and take care of yourself.”


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