Are you getting ready to peel off your layers of winter clothing? Well your skin would benefit from the same attention.

Spring is the perfect time to consider having a Chemical Peel.

Don’t be put off by its name. A Chemical Peel is an intense exfoliation which removes a deeper layer of your epidermis. It penetrates further than products used at home and even deeper than some professional glycolic products. This allows more effective penetration of the treatment products that are applied after the peel process. As a result of this intense exfoliation, you’re left with much smoother skin that’s ready to greet the new season.

For a limited time we’re offering 20% off Chemical and Derma Renewal Skin Peels. For details or to book an appointment call 905-567-0189 or email:

Homecare Tip: It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the year, but even more so if you’re active in the warmer outdoor weather. Remember to use sunscreen — even on cloudy days— and exfoliate regularly.


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