If you’re thinking about sun protection and pulling out last year’s sunscreen good for you, but remember to check the expiry date on the bottle! You may need to purchase new products to get the full protection your skin requires.

One of the most anticipated feelings for those of us in the northern hemisphere is the warmth of the sun after a long winter and a cold start to spring.

After months of feeling starved for sunshine and its natural Vitamin D offering, on hot spring days it is easy to forget that sun damage produces negative effects on our skin. For example, hyperpigmentation (sun spots) and weakened collagen and elastin (connective tissues), which can make skin looser and less likely to hold water.

In the spring, we tend to put aside those extreme sun exposure warnings from summers past, but the high UV rays at this time of year can cause damage long before we are ready for the beach.

Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen or sun block and appropriate clothing… then get out there and safely enjoy the outdoors!


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