This summer many of us have the “Happy” song by Pharrell Williams playing in our heads, or we’re hearing it on online or listening to it over the airwaves. For some of us it brings back memories of Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” song and we cannot help smiling. And why not? It’s finally hot and most of us are happy in the heat… especially when we remember the long, cold winter and cooler than normal spring of 2014.

There is now research that connects happiness to improvements in health and wellbeing. Living in southern Ontario, we have a lot to be happy about. It’s hot, but there’s no drought. We disagree, but we are not at war. Fresh food can be expensive, but it is available. There are always situations that can bring us down but thankfully there are people, events, songs, poems, happenings and our own minds to lift us up!

One of the easiest proven ways to increase your happiness is to increase your gratefulness. According to Dr. Anjuli Srivastava, “Researchers have found that people who regularly write down things for which they are grateful in “gratitude journals” have increased satisfaction in life, higher energy levels, and improved health.”

Want to give it a try? Start each and every day by thinking about three things for which you are grateful and then write them down. Try to think of three different things each day. Everyone’s list will be different, but here are some happy things we can all list:

1)     It’s a brand new day, with brand new opportunities!

2)     I can change my mind and my attitude today!

3)     I can choose to smile today!

The staff and management at La Peau D’or are grateful you’ve taken the time to read this blog… we feel happier already!