When Summer’s blue sky fades to grey,
And swiftly ends the shortening day;
When coldness takes the flowers away,
I’ll dance the dance of winter!

Over hedges see me trip,
To frost the leaf and haw and hip;
To petrify each sparkling drip,
And dance the dance of winter.

I’ll fade the roses red to white,
Re-dress the landscape in one night!
Make the cobwebs crisp and white,
And herald in the winter.

I’ll tiptoe over lawns and trees,
The water pipe I soon shall freeze;
I’ll bring transport to its knees!
And turn all things to winter.

In leafy Hollows, see me hide,
I herald in the Christmas tide;
Where man keeps snug by fires inside,
While outside, I am winter.

As posted on PoemHunter.com

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